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We produce original wooden toys aimed at children aged 3 years. Our production technology complies with the strict requirements of the Testing Institute of Light Industry in České Budějovice and our products possess the certificates confirming their quality and safety, also the Declaration of Concordance and Affirmation of Issued Declaration have been issued, which confirm the congruence with the valid laws and norms dealing with wooden toys and their production.

The basic material used in our production is massive wood – we process both soft and hard wood – poplar, spruce, pine, alder, birch, maple, beech, ash. As a supplementary material with some toys wool, various strings and leather are used; these materials as well comply with all norms and regulations concerning the production of children´s toys.

The majority of our toys have a natural finish; if some toys or parts of toys are painted, only paints and varnishes approved for the production of wooden toys are used.

Absolute safety of the products is our priority.


The wood for our produtcs is selected very carefully – it must be healthy, well dried, with no signs of being affected by pests, mould or dry rot (ligniperdous fungi).

The wood working itself comprises traditional joinery methods like planing, cutting, lathing, drilling, milling and abrading. Most edges are rounded for more pleasant touch or grip while playing.

During the time of the existence of our company our toys have undergone a great development – the designs have been changed and consequently the technological requirements, the quality of the production as well as of the services have been raised to the top level.


The production is carried out in well-aired and well-heated halls on machines equiped with waste suction (saw-dust, wood-shaving, splinters). The waste from the production is pressed into briquettes that are subsequently used for heating in the building.